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If you don’t, and they are discovered, the trustee (and the court, if necessary) can order you to turn over the assets and your discharge may be revoked. Robin Leonard is a former attorney who gave up the law to become a rabbi. The 17th edition has been revised to reflect changes to state exemption laws, which determine what property youd get to keep in bankruptcy, and the latest court decisions. But, for a variety of reasons, many of file for chapter 7 us spend too much and save too little.

The college students were targeted because they were customers of the future—and because their parents could be expected to bail them out if they got carried away with their new purchasing power. While these facts may seem like downsides, they collectively have an upside.

The reason banks issued so many credit cards is that it has been very profitable, even though some credit card debts are wiped out in bankruptcies and never repaid. For Chapter 13 bankruptcy, see Nolos Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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