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He personally saw me cry about my no credit history report and gave me advice on how to get credit in the future and how to revice a high credit score when I get stablished credit. Normally it is observed that most of the car loan lenders and dealerships ask for a down payment while offering guaranteed car approval. Since almost half of all consumers have credit scores that are below prime (putting them in the so-called nonprime, subprime and deep subprime categories), thats good news for many car shoppers. No matter what your credit situation, it still behooves you to wait bad credit auto loan until your credit score is higher before getting a car loan.

Even if you think your case is hopeless, it’s not, and Pierre Money Mart can prove it to you with guaranteed approval. Online sites like CarLoansRightHere.Com explain the process of how to apply for bad credit auto loans and which type of loan will most suit an individual s requirements and repayment capacity. American auto manufacturers had a pretty big scare in 2009 when the recession was at its peak and auto sales plummeted.

Check on average interest rates for your score. Rapidcarloans.net firmly believes that bad credit score should not cause problem in getting better car loan rates.

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