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If you have no mortgage at all, Massachusetts residents can claim an exemption up to $500,000 in the value of your house. However, the truth is that bankruptcy actually increases the chances of keeping your property because, by discharging most of your unsecured debt, it frees up your monthly income so you can once again afford your home mortgage and car loans. Bankruptcy may still be able to help with your high student loan debt. However, with good credit practices after your bankruptcy, people have been rv chapter 7 bankruptcy california exempt permanency able to qualify for a home mortgage or refinance after about two years.

Resist the temptation to repay your family members in the one year before filing bankruptcy. When your Chapter 13 plan is completed, rv chapter 7 bankruptcy california exempt permanency your taxes are paid off. Finally, if you have a serious health issue, you should explore whether your student loan may be dischargeable under disability discharge provisions.

Your plan must pass the “Chapter 7 liquidation test,” meaning that you must pay into your Chapter 13 plan at least as much as your creditors would have gotten in a Chapter 7 liquidation, but for most people this is not difficult. In the vast majority of bankruptcy cases, people can exempt everything they own and do not lose a single item of property or money.

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