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Now, I have accepted the fact, that’s never has been my fault …being unemployed…just our greed, our bad company politics…or other factors that have caused this calamity. Where I live the economy has been hit harder by IBM moving out of the area in 1994 causing many companies to layoff or stop hiring and now this. I am told on a daily basics that we are staffed. I’ll keep trying but when I think of those who have given up………I bad credit lenders strongly wonder, how many people choose to end their lives, with no hope on the horizon.

I had to go to Western Union yesterday to send money to someone. I think unemployment needs to go beyond bad credit lenders 99 weeks on a base by base. I have applied to be a paper carrier, secretary, you name it.

If you think that master’s degree makes you overqualified to be a WalMart cashier, then don’t mention it on your application. I have been working since i was 151/2 doing construction and i just cant get a job.

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