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After the introductory periods, your rates will go up to 10.99 to 15.99%, depending on your credit qualifications. The American Express Blue Cash Preferred has a signup bonus of $150 cash back when you spend $1,000 in the first 3 months. The settlement would reduce the interchange fee that banks can charge for the next eight months and would enable retailers to charge fees on each swipe directly to consumers who use credit or debit cards in order for them to make up the costs. We first considered the benefits top rewards credit cards of each card rewards program.

Discover also offers free alerts for cardholders that notify you when you’re nearing your credit limit or a bill-payment due date. For regular travelers, these cards offer a way to pick up free flights and travel benefits.

Theres no fee for Costco members; its the only credit card you can use when shopping at Costco; and it gives you an annual reward check that amounts to 3 percent of spending on gas and restaurants; 2 percent on travel and 1 percent at Costco and everywhere else. Additionally, reward cards don’t typically offer the low APRs of the best credit cards.

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