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If you’re creative, when you’re at the grocery store, you can get back 6% on stores whose gift cards you find in the aisle, from iTunes to Amazon. Here are CardHub.com’s top three picks for the best gas station credit cards. This card offers a 15-cent rebate for each gallon of ExxonMobil gas as well as up to 2% rebates on all other purchases up to $10,000 in annual spending and 1% thereafter.

Kindly note that for fuel purchases done on your credit card at any petrol pump, the fuel surcharge (@ 2.5 %) and associated service tax will reflect on your credit card statement. To keep the site free, we are paid by some providers when new customers take products after theyve clicked on our links.

It’s no surprise why the Blue Cash is one of our favorites. To our shareholders we commit to provide optimum return on their investment and to protect every aspect of concern in company.

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