UCONN Home State Of Georgia Restrictions For Second Va Loan If First Discharged In Chapter 7

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Most debts that can not paid off from the liquidation of all of your assets are discharged--that is, eliminated. Eligibility for a multiple discharge depends upon (a) which kind of procedure was done before, (b) if the previous case was under chapter 12 or 13, how much was paid, and (c) which kind of new case will be filed. When you hear the word bankruptcy, it probably means a Chapter 7 proceeding.

However, some debtors retain a credit card with a very low (or no) balance, but a large credit line, by purposely omitting the debt from the filing, to ensure they will have future credit available. Consider, for example, a debtor who has nondischargeable debts, such as educational loans, along with medical bills and credit card debts.

Selalunya ia mengambil masa kurang daripada seminggu. To do so, however, communicate with the lender and be honest about your financial situation.

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