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It is rare to find a company that does what it says they are going to do all while providing excellent customer service. I cant say everyone is bad, but I know 4 bad ones and 1 great one. I was wary of using a credit repair company after hearing and reading so many negative things about them. Jade is so nice and made me feel credit repair help now comfortable immediately.

So far, I am very happy with all the help they have given. Then the loan officer told me that he knew credit repair help now someone who could figure this mess out. I heard about all of the credit repair scams and the people getting ripped off, but I needed to fix my credit so I took a gamble on CreditFirm.Net.

The have a multitude of experts and provide Credit Repair Service, Home Loan Lending, Commercial Lending and Financial Planning. In that time my husbands credit score has gone up by 90 point for one agency and 83 points in another.

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