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Pontiac released its sensational eight-lug wheel with integrated aluminum brake drum in 1960 and was merely the first volley in the factory mag wheel wars. He came out, I didnt even watch them do the job. Strong, lightweight wheels are particularly important in racing due to the benefits offered by having a lower unsprung weight. Mags rims take American vehicles to the next mags wheels level of vintage efficacy nowadays.

With the explosion in popularity of hot rods and factory performance cars, custom wheels became an absolute necessity for car owners who wanted to individualize their cars and the automotive aftermarket responded. Available in sizes ranging from 15 to 20-inches, these custom rims add a distinctive touch to performance vehicles.

Reduction in overall vehicle mass can also help to reduce fuel consumption. Lighter wheels can improve handling by reducing unsprung mass, allowing suspension to follow the terrain more closely and thus improve grip, however not all alloy wheels are lighter than their steel equivalents.

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