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Cars initially sold with big cash rebates tend to take a greater hit in terms of depreciation, as do vehicles that have significant fleet sales, which ensures a steady flow of models into the resale market each year. Find out what the dealers dont want you to know. While lacking in power (particularly on the highway), the CR-Vs 166-horsepower four-cylinder engine delivers very good fuel efficiency. A new performance-oriented SE-R model joins the all models of used cars lineup along with a leather-lined 3.5 SL model.

These are all criticisms that can be lobbed at the CR-V, but none seem to matter much to American consumers. When the Nissan Altima was redesigned and enlarged for 2002, it gave family sedan all models of used cars shoppers a viable choice if a "fun to drive" personality was a requirement. Additionally, there are plenty of bins, cubbies and cupholders to stash things.

It is also important for the underwriter to be able to clearly determine that the situation has been resolved. Older vehicles will probably have too many miles on them, and newer ones will not have fully taken the large depreciation hit that typically makes a two- or three-year-old car (with low miles) the best value.

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