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Beginning with the 2011 model year, owners of Chevrolet vehicles are advised to see their dealer for a tire rotation every 7,500 miles as part of a newly revised maintenance schedule. Go to the Chevrolet Dealer Locator to locate a Chevrolet dealer in your area. Curb Weight is the weight of an empty vehicle (without payload or driver) with standard equipment, fuel, coolant, and oil. There are a couple of websites that have see chevy special offers some good information on this topic.

To learn more about the different plans available, please visit www.gmprotectionplan.com. Should a recall on your vehicle ever occur, see chevy special offers Chevrolet will notify you by mail. You can always get your account status by logging in to the "Manage Account" section of siriusxm.com.

OnStar is the in-vehicle safety and security system created to help protect you and your family on the road. Weve been working closely with our continuing dealers, as well as those who recently have been phased out, to ensure a smooth transition.

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