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Your best bet is to make the transfer request on the application form for the card itself. If you never carry a balance, make the most out of it with a rewards credit card. For the most part, the longer the offer period for the balance transfer, the higher the interest rate. A balance transfer credit card allows you to transfer your existing credit card balances low interest credit card offers and repay them at a much lower rate, sometimes even 0% interest, over a set term.

The worst decision on how to use a balance transfer credit card is to treat it as just another credit card, meaning you use it for new purchases or cash advances. Rates for balance transfers range from 0% to around 9%, low interest credit card offers depending on the length of time the offer is for. Whatever you used to pay on interest charges should now be paid towards the debt.

If you are swimming in card debt and are looking for a way out an effective solution is to transfer your debt to a credit card with a lower rate of interest. You can apply for these credit cards online by following the Apply Now link.

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