UCONN Home Total Debt For Automotive Manufacturing Industry

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While it is obviously unlikely that this entire industry will disappear, it is fair to say that every one of the United States’ auto-parts jobs is individually at risk from China’s unfair trade practices. We have a variety of lenders that can provide great low interest rate loans depending on your situation. Trade in Goods and Services — Balance of Payments (BOP) Basis,” PDF file last revised June 9, accessed at http.

With Germany that ratio exceeded 400 percent; South Korea, more than 970 percent; and Japan—one of the most closed markets in the world—more than 1,000 percent. Trade Flows from Stewart and Stewart, China’s Support Programs for Automobiles and Auto Parts Under the 12{{th}}{{ }}Five-year Plan.

Hyundai Motor Group makes and markets vehicles under the Kia and Hyundai brand names. Since employment typically makes up about 70 to 80 percent of output in most industries, the number of employees is an excellent indicator of the level of output in auto parts.

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