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Accounts receivable financing – also called factoring – is the process of selling commercial invoices at a small discount, to get the cash you need quickly and easily. Cash flow is the single biggest hurdle that many business owners face in today’s competitive environment and we understand that you need cash for invoiced sales quickly. Vending machine attendants and bottled water providers, for example, may only send one invoice a month instead of billing the company a few dollars a day for supplies. We encourage you to take a look at our site and cash for invoices learn more about this cash flow solution.

We work with many factors that don’t require any long-term contracts, or monthly minimums. Most of our clients gain more value within the business by getting the cash for invoices within one business day which makes our low fees make business sense. This wait is like extending a 30-60-90 day interest-free loan.

And limited access to cash resources is a major cause of business failure. A factor reviews your customer’s credit rating, because their accounts payable department makes the payment directly to the factor.

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