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The surveys are conducted within 1 business days of the customer’s call to the call center in order to understand their FCR and satisfaction with their call center experience. World Class Certified CSRs will receive an SQM Certificate to display on their desk. The awards are awarded to the entrants who convince the judges (their peers in the industry and NOT vendors or sponsors) that they are indeed the best. In addition, for each call center that participates in our call center employee benchmarking study, SQM completes a minimum of 100 customer top rated call center service representative (CSR) surveys or if the call center had less than 100 CSRs, 90% of the CSR workforce completes surveys.

Awards and recognition - regional and global Rankings - domestic and international Benchmarking - against not averages but the best Best Practice Conference - sharing of ideas and world class practices. Marketing – Past winners have used their SQM Award as a marketing tool to inform both their employees and customers top rated call center of how well they perform at providing excellent customer service and/or an excellent working environment. Life is stressful enough without having to worry about how you’re going to pay for a trip to the doctor or replace a malfunctioning appliance or simply put food on the table.

The cost of $10,000 is for SQM’s call center First Call Resolution (FCR)/Customer Satisfaction (Csat) benchmarking study or $4,000 for our call center Esat benchmarking study. Supervisor of the Year will be announced at the SQM Summit Conference.

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