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They also are eligible for the existing protections mentioned above. To be eligible for the Student Loan Forgiveness plan, you must pay off at least 10%, and you cannot go into default. If youre a California resident, contact the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (State Loan Repayment Program, Primary Care Resources and Community Development Division, 1600 Ninth St., Room 440, Sacramento, CA 95814; 1-916-654-1833), or a similar agency in your state. The Obama student loan forgiveness program automatically clears the remaining debt of anyone who has made regular payments on their federal student loans for a minimum of twenty years.

An “academic year or its equivalent” for cancellation purposes is defined as one complete school year or two half-years that are from different school years. Students who have outstanding debt on private student loans cannot benefit from the so-called Obama student loan forgiveness program, though there is a possibility of some kind of legislative effort being made at the federal level to introduce an ability to forgive or discharge private student loan debt. If you taught at different schools during different academic years, the chief administrative officers from all of the schools must certify your eligibility.

Overall, the ice cream/shakes/concretes are pretty good. Under certain circumstances, the institution that holds your Perkins Loan may permit retroactive cancellation if you can demonstrate that you qualified for cancellation in a prior year.

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