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I’ve been given the trial DOJ mod too, after almost 2 years. It will either be because your do not meet the program’s requirements, you failed to supply documentation, or the net present value (NPV) of the loan modification was negative. Read the denial letter carefully for determining the banks reasons for denying your modification request. If so, we at ProPublica want sample appeal letter for denied loan modification to hear your story.

FDIC cuts a check for 80% of the loss or $195360 to One West Bank. Depending on what state your property is in, we may sample appeal letter for denied loan modification be able to take you on as a client and assist. Why loans will not be modified and why it is advantageous not to modify them.

Thanks for the comment, JR, and I hope you are making some progress. Verify the mailing address or fax number before mailing or faxing your appeal and supporting documentation.

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