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Yuuup… those sound like fighting words to me. I lmao (before i turned) when that lil girl said "when u die i want all ur money" Kroy looked like what money. If she didn’t go nene would just have Cynthia boring ass to talk to Marlo has personality so there. She was talking to Kim again bc otherwise marlo furniture credit card she has no one to film/ talk to.

But what’s for real…I don’t think this chic really cares.Even Bravo is scared of her. I also could care less that Marlo told Sheree to hang out with her faggots because Marlo only works with those dudes for show.

She friends with Cynthia cause she’s always a cosigner in her shit , Nene knows that she’s like the scarecrow in wizard of Oz can’t think for herself and "Marlo the Muscle" is the tin man ready to slice a bitch. Don’t even get me started on fakedra acting all high and mighty like her husband is not also an ex-con that was having it in the jail cells with other dudes.

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