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Once you’re off the account, you can start rebuilding your credit with a secured credit card or secured share loan. I don’t care if my limit is $100, something is something. For those in need of a credit card, a quick solution can be found in a new website called CreditHelpCards.com. Prepaid cards require you to make a deposit new credit cards for people with bad credit before you can use it to make purchases.

If you have a short credit history (versus having a bad credit history) or average credit, you have a few more options on the table. There are fees for ATM withdrawal new credit cards for people with bad credit and even balance inquiries. This initial check is a soft pull and doesnt hurt your credit score.

I want to apply for my own card, but wondered if that could’ve been another reason they denied me. People generally prefer to go the low-fee route, which is totally understandable, but will then end up paying more in interest rates than they would have in fees with the other card.

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