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Thats why our goal is to keep you informed on trends in the marketplace using the latest statistics in your local area. For example, if a larger down payment is saved, it proves the applicant has the level of financial discipline needed to taken on a mortgage. Taking that same money and using it to pay a monthly mortgage on your own home is a much better use of your funds. Processing an FHA loan involves gathering documents home loans poor credit to verify the information in your application.

The application takes only 1-minute and is safe and secure. It’s like “A new birth.” With a blank slate to home loans poor credit write on, so the crooked lines won’t be so hard to erase. Mark Venite is the author of this article and a successful financial advisor with 20 years of experience.

Because the FHA insures these mortgages, FHA lenders can work with borrowers regardless of credit problems, collections, past bankruptcy filings, or debt-to-income ratios that are higher than normally allowed. But if the right steps are taken then the lender will certainly feel good about the applicant.

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