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Barnyard Chicken, Circus Zebra, or Pink Bunny. Make wooden three drawer jewelry boxes, wooden silver chests, wooden one drawer jewelry boxes or tiny wooden gift boxes for dollhouses from cherry veneer 1/32" thick. You have your choice on how many units you would like to assemble. You can make one, two, assemble at home jobs or all three items.

Soap making is age-old science that was only for the experienced. Their Merry Chris-Moose free standing cards and/or Christmas assemble at home jobs Angel cards, and/or Away in the Manger cards. They will pay $4.00 shipping on each unit you send back made to their standards.

You will be paid $96.00 plus $6.00 shipping for every unit of 24 toys produced. This company also offers you to resell the bonnets on your own.

University of NYC
70 Washington Sq.
New York, NY 10012