Ultraspeed Silver winner on A design by SARDI

A design, silver winner, Ultraspeed, Enrique Luis Sardi, Posalux designer

Ultraspeed – A’ Manufacturing and Processing Machinery Design Award 2015 – 2016 Period Winners

Ultraspeed Line Drilling and routing machine

Silver A’ Design Award Winner for Manufacturing and Processing Machinery Design Category in 2015
Sardi Innovation for Posalux

Ultraspeed, posalux, Adesign winner, Sardi Innovation


The Acid Gold ring that frames the frontal panel of the new machines is a statement of Posalux’s promise to its clients. It emphatizes that Posalux’s commitnent to provide quality after-sale services. The S line represent a Crest which is the point of highest value in a wave. This graceful rising curve in the frontal view of the machines highlights the ever increasing value provided by Posalux machines, expanding on the concept of a wave of light found in Latin in the name of the company.


The acid-golden ring is the main design subject and visually underlines the engagement between Posalux and its clients. An acid-golden curved line creates movement on the frontal polycarbonate, it is a design element to remove any sense of oppressiveness towards the users and co-workers. The parenthesis concept helps to universalize parts and facilitate the logistics of every Posalux product; the sides are the same for every machines and they are mounted on different lengths structures. The Industrial Machines design experts of SARDI are the CDO ( Chief Design Officer ) of POSALUX.