red dot 21 Award Winner Willemin-Macodel 508 MT2 by Sardi Innovation


508 MT2, willemin-macodel, designer, sardi innovation

The Willemin-Macodel’s 508 MT2 has won the red dot 2016, Design by Sardi Innovation the 508MT2 is devoted to be the highest quality milling machine on the market.

Its design and its simultaneous 5-axis machining make 508MT2 able to keep a thermal stability while producing parts, mix the milling and turning process contemporaneously and it permits to machine pieces starting from bars and starting from parts. The “form follows function” design concept is represented in every single detail with strong and useful functions. Even the internal machining working area was very well studied and designed. Its design determinates the unique, strong and expressive design language of Willemin Macodel.

The 508MT2 is a multi-process machining centre dedicated to machining complex parts from Ø 37 mm bar stock. It is equipped with a pivoting powered spindle fitted on a B axis and a high-precision A axis spindle/divider enabling turning operations up to 8,000 rpm. As an option, it is possible to machine bars up to 65 mm in diameter.

The 508MT2 machining centre can be equipped with a simple pickup unit with 1 usable position which can fit a precision vice or a gripper for internal or external clamping. For greater flexibility, the 508MT2 is also available with its innovative back turret with 3 usable positions including a counter-spindle, a precision vice and a tailstock. To meet specific requirements, the 508MT2 can be equipped with a turning turret with eight position and an integraded vice.

Benefiting from the latest technological developments and Willemin-Macodel’s comprehensive expertise in high-precision machining from bar stock, the 508MT2 is perfect for cutting-edge industries such as watchmaking, jewellery, medical, aerospace and high-precision mechanical subcontracting.