New Ingenia’s NiOne wins RedDot Award, it’s another watchmaker workbench designed by SARDI

NiOne, nione, Sardi Innovation, Design

NiOne, nione, Sardi Innovation, Design

NiOne is a watchmaker table designed by SARDI and developed by New Ingenia.

Elegance and clearness are the essence of this innovative system thought to simplify the watchmaker’s work, the swiss art to build a watch.




New Ingenia’s NiOne wins reddot 21 Award design by SARDI

NiOne comes outside the box with its strong character and gives a new standard with style. Its complete and intuitive interface and the wise choice of materials, warm wood and modern aluminum, reflect the will of combining a good design and a comfortable use to improve the user experience.

NiOne meets the needs of everyone thanks to a complete customizable elements and with laminar flow fits perfectly in different sectors like Watch industry, automotive, electronic, jewelry, cosmetics and medical.

NiOne, nione, Sardi Innovation, manufacturing environment Design